Review: Gingzilla's Gingerbread Haus at the Leicester Square Spiegeltent

Review: Gingzilla's Gingerbread Haus at the Leicester Square Spiegeltent

Nothing says Christmas like sitting, watching a 7ft red-headed goddess with the voice of an angel and the beard of a lumberjack. And if you don’t believe me, you ought to try it for yourself…only you can’t, because I’m talking about the gorgeous Gingzilla’s Gingerbread Haus Christmas show which was on for one night only at the Leicester Square Spiegeltent. Don’t worry though, my job is to help you make sure you are prepared when this festive marvel gets a reprisal.

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The X-Factor has been doing some good things for alternative entertainers in recent years – from cabaret stalwart La Voix to comic comedienne Mandy Muden, and it also helped raise the profile of Australian “Glamonster” Gingzilla. Not that she needed a hand raising anything – did we mention she is 7 fucking feet tall?! Bearded and beautiful, you might think she was a drag queen like any other – but this lady can sing. And what better way to showcase that than her first ever Christmas show?

First of all, there is no better venue this time of year than the Leicester Square Spiegeltent. Everything is covered in fairly lights and smells of mulled wine and fried food. Heaven. I was already in a fabulous, wine-fuelled mood from the moment I got in. And then the show began and it just got better.

In general, this was a well put-together show – some unexpected, and really fun, musical choices which were (for the most part) sewn together well with seasonal anecdotes about presents and food, as well as the odd game and video montage. The costumes were oh – so gorgeous. No spoilers, but there is more than one gasp-inducing on-stage wardrobe change, and there may even be a tearaway involved… The three performers (including the musical-but-mute Alannah and the multi-talented Vicky Falconer) all have sacks of talent. (See what I did there?)

All of this made up for the fact that…this was clearly the first time this show had been performed, complete with all the one-night-only gaffes. Musical cues were missed, some elements went on too long, and the show came to a crashing halt every now and then ass the boisterous bunch on stage went off on a tangent.

But none of that mattered, since we were all having such a wonderful time. It was so good, in fact, that it ran over by nearly half an hour, and Plus One and I didn’t even notice until we had to bolt for our dinner reservation during the third encore.

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Highlights included a genuinely lovely moment with Falconer’s violin solo and the falling snow, and Gingzilla singing one of my favourite ever Christmas songs (Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas) in her gorgeous, gorgeous voice. Also, the turkey carving scene along to “Never Tear Us Apart” was mesmerising, disgusting, and truly frightening all at the same time. I guess that’s avant-garde theatre for ya.

I loved the opportunity to have a little carol-oke, though I could barely hear the choir of “Carols” brought in to add even-more sparkle. Get those gals some mics, I say! The best moment of the night? When I nearly got hit in the face by dozens of flying crackers and then got an eye patch in mine. Which would have been really useful if I had got hit in the face. Super-thoughtful gesture. Loved it.

And wait, there’s more! We were teasing you – if you simply must see Gingzilla’s Christmas extravaganza, you can! Get your tickets to the Bush Theatre on December 22nd NOW.

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