Interview with La Voix

Interview with La Voix

Given how amazingly glamorous and wonderful we are, here at the Velvet Box Office, you’d be forgiven for believing that hob-nobbing with the stars of stage and screen no longer sent us into a twitter. And you would be mostly right! But we couldn’t help but be a little in awe of the internationally-renowned and critically-acclaimed vision that is La Voix, when we sat down to chat with her about her life, her performance style and – most importantly – her dazzling UK tour of Hello La Voix!


1.       You recently embarked on your biggest UK tour yet, Hello La Voix, how’s it going and what’s been your favourite show so far?

And don't I know it! From Preston to Eastbourne, I have discovered and performed in hidden gems of beautiful theatres alongside major cities and towns. My fabulous vegan driver has certainly racked up the miles transporting Swarovski-encrusted gowns and more ostrich feathers than you’d find most zoos! Some of the more remote towns, like Delph in Saddleworth, had the most energetic audiences, even the local priest was heard raving about how much he enjoyed the show. After so many years of touring abroad, the UK hasn't disappointed. I couldn't pick a favourite place...I simply love being back on my home turf.

2.       What is the most memorable thing ever to happen to you while on stage?

The most bizarre things include an audience member walking right up to the front of the stage mid-song to tell me it was his friend’s birthday, in front of the whole auditorium, or the time I performed at a theatre which didn't have an operated spot light (can you believe?) so for the first half of the show I was lit from the neck down, no one saw my face! During the interval the lighting man got his ladder out and positioned the light higher! The stories go on and on.



3.       Has the London scene shaped or changed the way you perform? And, if so, how?

There's only so much theatre training can give you, and it was my 7 years at Madame Jojo’s in the heart of Soho which really gave me my training. Learning how to control a raucous drunken crowd and hold their attention will put hairs on any women's chest! To then play the larger cabaret scene was amazing and I honed my skills and developed the perfect put-downs to quieten any heckler. Now that I have the joy of playing some beautiful British theatres, it's nice to be able to transform these skills into a fully polished show with a live band and stunning dresses. The whole concept of the show is for the audience to have the best night out ever!

4.       Who inspires you the most?

My biggest inspiration is Liza Minnelli. I've been lucky to see her live many times. It's her dedication to a song, her energy and her pure showbiz pizazz that I adore. She may not be the best singer, but she will always secure the best applause.

5.       When it comes to creating a new show, what is the process? Do you slowly piece things together from past experiences, or do you sit down with a totally blank slate?

I piece together from past experiences and shows. It's a constant development rather than fully discarding and wiping clean. Fresh, new songs are always chosen each tour and these tend to change mid-tour too. There are comedic elements of the show I like to keep so they get built on and developed. Some songs you have to perform them many times, and each time you discover new things.

6.       What do you love most about being on tour – and what do you hate? 

I adore touring, travelling is in my blood. I've always liked it - the excitement of new places and new audiences keep you going. To be able to entertain people with my show is a joy and I never want to stop touring. One thing I could live without, though, is Little Chefs and service station sandwiches!

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7.       Finally – and most importantly - why should people come see Hello La Voix?

My Hello La Voix show tells behind the scenes stories of my time on Britain's Got Talent, as well as answering some of my fans’ burning questions: what’s it like to be PA to Pamela Anderson and David Gest? How did I get to sing in Ab Fab the movie? What are vegans really like to travel with? Throw all this into the mix with a live band delivering high energy songs from Shirley Bassey, Liza Minnelli, Cher and Alison Moyet meets Kylie - to name a few. It's a biographical look at my life, with attempts to get to know "you", the audience, too! Advice on fashion, hair and lifestyle will be given out to those who request/require it on the night.

Most excitingly, it's my biggest show yet and it features my full band! Many people have seen me at Crazy Coqs with just a piano but for the tour I'm bringing out the whole lot!

You can catch the luscious La Voix in Hello La Voix all over the country, simply check out the tour calendar, here.

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