Review: "Klub Kids Twisted Circus" at The Troxy

Review: "Klub Kids Twisted Circus" at The Troxy

 The reign of wonderful weirdos is here. Long may it continue.

It says something about a show when you can still love it from the cheap seats. 

Of course, it helps if you are the super-fan to end all super-fans, which – as you may know by now – I am, of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Last week, I had the honour, the pleasure, and the privilege of watching six RPDR veterans doing what they do best, accompanied by legendary Club Kid, Amanda Lepore, and a bunch of very-talented circus performers. All thanks to the geniuses behind Klub Kids, Twisted Circus.

Launched in Newcastle in 2013, Klub Kids began life as Thursday night regulars at Powerhouse, the largest gay-friendly nightclub in the North East. Inspired by the original NYC Club Kids of the 80s and 90s (and, in particular, the 2003 film about them, “Party Monster”) they are now responsible for some of the biggest drag events in the country. They collaborate with the likes of Alaska, Willam, and Miss Lady Bunny herself to bring glitz, gags, and the party spirit to most corners of the UK.

And the Twisted Circus was no exception.  Featuring a man in an upside-down woman costume, several super-sexy stripteases and a Cher impersonation for the gods – if you are looking for a rollicking good time: this is the night for you.  Be warned, however, although I think most people would have a good time at this show if they went with a glass of wine and an open mind – fans of RuPaul’s queens will have the best time. So, I’d recommended having a Netflix binge of RPDR before going – which, to be honest, you should really have done anyway.

A quick line-up of the queens, and what I loved about them, for those of you in the know:

  • KimChi

    • Soft, enchanting, and delightful – just as you would expect. The most charming strip-tease I’ve ever seen. Bonus points for the twinkly lights.

    • Shea Coulee

      • Shea Coulee, Slay Coulee. Whatta Queen. The moves, the hair, the attitude. Whatever Shea Coulee sells, I am buying – breakfast cereal, ball bearings, if it has a touch of Shea, sign me up.

  • Violet Chachki

    • Violet comes across as way too-cool-for-school, but I think I’ve got her sussed – she too is a massive nerd. It just happens that her nerdiness is all about 50s bondage pin-ups…which I guess makes her cool again…

    • Milk

      • Most surprising of all for me! After her performance on All Stars 3, I wasn’t expecting much, but she was fantastic. Funny, weird, totally Milk and totally watchable.

The best part of it all was the huge kick we got out of being surrounded by so many people who love the same thing. It’s what makes stadium concerts such a powerful experience, and it is particularly thrilling to be witnessing the popularisation of something which has such underground, sub-culture roots. 

The rise of drag as a part of mainstream popular culture has been astronomical. Perhaps the original Club Kids could have foreseen they would have such a meteoric rise – but nobody else did. Is it a sign that we are finally moving forward and becoming more accepting of those who are different? Or is this simply a time when we need sparkly escapism more than ever?

Honestly, who cares why it’s come about – I’m just glad it has.  The reign of wonderful weirdos is here. Long may it continue.

And for all you drag fans looking for a big night – get yourselves over to the Klub Kids website and start poring over the events. We’ve got our eye on this one.

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